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What Is A Co-Op?

A cooperative preschool (or co-op) is run by a community of parents and caregivers and requires a commitment to help in the classroom and support school operations. 

Tucson Community School is the only cooperative preschool in Tucson.

We offer Tucson families a unique opportunity to play an integral role in their children’s early education.


At TCS, our teachers and director are the only paid employees, and have specialized training in early childhood development and teaching. Co-op member families are responsible for all other aspects of running the school and share in administrative, financial, and operational decision-making and duties.

Being part of a parent cooperative is incredibly rewarding; and the more you put in, the more you benefit from all our school has to offer. From assisting teachers in the classroom to serving on the Board of Directors, our dedicated families develop meaningful connections that are central to the success of our school.

Choosing a cooperative preschool like TCS means:

  • Being deeply involved and empowered in your child's education

  • Paying comparatively lower tuition than similar preschool programs

  • Joining an inclusive community of like-minded parents and caregivers

  • Gaining invaluable insight into child development and parenting

  • Contributing your time, energy, and talents to the life of the school—resulting in a richer, more meaningful and connected experience for everyone

TCS families agree to contribute annually to the school community in the following ways:

  • Volunteering in your child's classroom 2 times per semester

  • Participating in 2 school-wide work parties, at the start and end of the school year, to maintain buildings and grounds

  • Contributing to 2 annual fundraising events

  • Attending 2 parent education sessions, plus new family orientation

  • Dedicating 10 additional hours of volunteer time to the school, as best fits your schedule and skill set

Learn more about family responsibilities and resources at our Parent Participation page.​

Ready to dive in? Explore TCS resources at our Parent Participation page.​

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