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Parent Participation and Resources


The Cooperative Commitment

All families contribute to the school in each of the following key ways:

Volunteering at school for 2 Classroom Helper Days per semester

Classroom Helper Days provide parents and caregivers with a great opportunity to be part of their child’s school day, help them in their activities, and meet their friends. In this role, family members assist in the classroom as well as help prepare and clean up a nutritious snack. These volunteer days give parents the chance to observe, learn, and grow alongside their child, as well as contribute to our dynamic and close-knit learning community. Explore the Classroom Participation Training Packet to learn more.

Maintaining our school as part of 2 Work Parties

Each TCS family participates in two school-wide work parties: the first to kick off the school year by preparing our school premises and equipment for children to use and enjoy; the second to help clean up your child's classroom and play yard and safely store furniture and materials for the summer. Projects can include yard work, painting, cleaning, and general upkeep—no skill is required. 

Dedicating 5 volunteer hours, based on schedule and skill set

At TCS, all families are valued and we take extra care in maintaining an inclusive community to meet all families’ life/work balance. All members have the opportunity to decide how their interests and skills best fit the needs of our school. Your cooperative commitment is based on your availability and level of support.


Cooperative members are required to complete ONE of the following:

  • Task-based volunteering: Complete a minimum of 5 hours volunteer work per semester. A variety of tasks are possible—from chicken care and snack prep to laundry and plumbing—allowing families to choose based on interest, availability, and accessibility

  • Serving as an officer on the Board of Directors: Manage the operations of the school and lead new initiatives to advance TCS’ purpose and mission

  • Serving as your child's classroom representative: Build community within individual classes and the membership as a whole through coordination of play groups, parent networking, and sharing of school-wide events. Class reps also serve as a liaison between the board and families

  • Serving as Website Coordinator: Support our school community in maintaining our website, as well as developing ads/marketing tools for recruitment

  • Serving as Social Media Manager: Help share our mission and philosophy with our past, present, and future community via our social media platforms

  • Sharing a special talent: Do you have a gift or skill to share with the TCS community that supports the educational experience or functionality of our school? Let us know how we can incorporate your talents as part of your cooperative commitment

Participating in 2 major fundraisers: Fall Festival and Annual Auction

All families are required to support our nonprofit school through the planning, preparation, and execution of our yearly fundraisers. ​Families can help by donating items, supporting accounting, marketing events to the wider Tucson community, setting up or cleaning up, and more.

Attending 2 parent education sessions and new family orientation

All families must attend the "Creating a Culture of Connection" session and Curriculum Night. All new families must also attend Orientation. This whole-family education approach meets our inclusion goals of creating a community that supports all families. It also cultivates valuable skills and knowledge of child development to be applied in the classroom and at home. Sessions are held both in-person and online, to enable access for all.

A parent and preschooler work together (with real and toy tools) to repair the lock on the TCS gate

As a parent cooperative, TCS is a community, of which each family is a vital part. 

Every aspect of our school's essential functions depend on the participation of our community members. We rely on each other's generosity and commitment to maintain the atmosphere that makes TCS such a unique and wonderful place.


Being a member of a co-op is more than being a regular volunteer.  TCS families are part of this co-op because we feel that the rewards of involvement are well worth the investment of time and energy; yet we are well aware of how busy we all are! We take extra care in maintaining an inclusive community to meet all families’ life/work balance. Please consult the TCS Community Handbook or ask staff about any questions regarding parent participation. Our goal is for everyone's TCS responsibilities to feel both feasible and meaningful.

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