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Giving to TCS

Tucson Community School has supported thousands of families throughout our 75-year history. Help us ensure that we will be here, in this community, for generations to come.

Throughout the history of Tucson Community School, our program has faced many challenges. However, our beloved school has met and overcome each obstacle thanks to the support and generosity of our community.

As we continue to navigate the recovery period after COVID-19, we are relying on the support of our past families to help us rebuild and move forward. TCS has made it past 70 years and our goal is to continue our magical tradition for decades to come. 

With your generous donations, we can…


Build a thriving community.

There is a continuing need for high-quality preschool in Tucson, and TCS provides it. That’s why enrollment is higher today than it was before the pandemic. Your donations enable students, parents, teachers, and the TCS campus itself to flourish.

Three TCS preschoolers play on the piano, boy in the foreground smiling broadly.


Hire the best teachers!

Your support directly enables us to increase our teachers’ salaries. Hiring high-quality preschool teachers has become more competitive in Pima County since the county created grant-funded positions to expand preschool access. TCS offers much to teachers that many district schools don’t—like a commitment to play-based learning, one-of-a-kind classrooms and outdoor spaces, and our unique parent cooperative model. Help us keep salaries competitive, too, to ensure we can retain our amazing teachers and attract new ones when necessary.

An older woman guides a TCS preschooler on a bike across campus.


Impact the Tucson community and change lives.

TCS makes a difference. Building social and emotional skills, growing intellectual curiosity, developing parenting skills, and fostering friendship has a direct impact on our local community. Our students are Tucson’s future leaders. A TUSD teacher has told us, “We can always tell who went to TCS. They communicate so well!” Your donations make this education possible.


Help Tucson Community School thrive for generations to come.

A TCS preschooler is busy building. He holds a large, hollow wooden block.

Alumni and community donations helped keep the school solvent during the period of closure due to COVID-19. Contributions to capital projects, scholarships and the endowment have kept the school aligned with the goals of the school community, the Board of Directors, and the Board of Trustees. Be a part of the TCS giving community. As we mark the 75th anniversary of the school, your donations are an investment in the future of our children, our school, and our community!

A TCS preschooler in a bright pink hat holds a colorful pinwheel in front of her face.

Endowment Giving

With the rising cost of higher education along with maintaining buildings and grounds and the cost of living, providing quality care comes at a great expense. Non-profits like Tucson Community School heavily rely on charitable contributions to not only survive but to thrive. For more information on donating to the TCS endowment, please contact

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