Annual TCS Scholarship Fund 

Individuals can contribute their tax credit or financial gift anonymously to Tucson Community to help students in need. Any parent is eligible to apply for a portion of these funds and the School’s Scholarship Committee will allocate them to students demonstrating financial need. This process begins during our registration period and runs through the start of the school year. It should be noted, funds are first come first serve. Since no student receives a full ride scholarship, these donations help to keep tuition lower for all students.

Endowment Giving

With the rising cost of higher education along with maintaining buildings and grounds and the cost of living, providing quality care comes at a great expense. Non-profits like Tucson Community School heavily rely on charitable contributions to not only survive but to thrive.

Arizona Tax Credit Donation 

Donor Directed Tax Credit School Tuition Organization's (STO'S)

A small group of STO’s have expanded their policies to allow donors to direct their credits not only to specific schools, but to specific students within those schools. Therefore, friends, relatives, business colleagues, etc., can be contacted by you and encouraged to direct their tax credits to your children without any restriction regarding the financial needs of the child. This is an excellent method for middle income families to receive help even though they might not qualify for straight needs based assistance. Examples of these STO’s include:

Institute for Better Education 

Arizona Tuition Connection 

Tax Deductible Donations

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