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Tucson Community School is a centrally located preschool in Tucson, Arizona. Since our establishment in 1948, our focus has always been on a child centric development curriculum that emphasizes growth through safe, independent exploration using only positive encouragement. Our unique approach to educating young children is partnered in our belief that families are critical in a child’s early learning experiences. As a parent cooperative, TCS was created, built, and maintained by dedicated families who wanted to actively participate in their child’s education. 


Your interest in our school, means that you believe young children learn through play and best practices to engage young minds and allow for individual growth. Additionally, you are committing to active participation in our parent cooperative that fully supports our schools function and community. 


Our 2023-2024 school year will begin August 14th, and total 167 learning days on our campus.  



To register for our program, you must complete the online registration form (via google forms), as well submit the following documentation: 2023-2024 Registration Form.



Each family is required to pay a $300 enrollment fee to secure your spot in our program that must be paid before July 1, 2023 (via MyProcare, check or cash). *$150 of your enrollment fee is credited to your first month of tuition. 


**For new families: A one time $125 registration fee is also required to activate your membership status in our Parent Cooperative.

The information you provide on the registration form helps us schedule your time at our school. Please read the form carefully. 2023-2024 Registration Form 




Toddler Program (8:30-12) 

3 Days: $615 monthly 

4 days: $680 monthly 

5 days: $750 monthly 

Preschool  Program (8:30-12) 

3 Days: $715 monthly 

4 days: $780 monthly 

5 days: $850 monthly 

Additional Rates & Fees 

Extended Care: $6.00 per hour, billed each month

Membership Fee: $125 per child, one time fee *New families only

Enrollment Fee: $300 per child 

Snack Fee: $25 a month 

Materials Fee: $100, one time fee

Refund Policy: Once enrollment has been initiated, it is our policy not to offer refunds after the initial conference with the student's teacher or the first day of school. Tuition is not reduced for days missed or when school is closed. 

Financial Assistance: Partial tuition assistance may be available to any child enrolled at TCS. Financial assistance is based entirely on need. All personal application information remains confidential. TCS is an approved recipient of funds from First Things First through the Quality First Program for preschool students and from the Pima County Preschool Promise.

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