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TCS offers the Tucson community a unique experience by providing an early childhood learning opportunity school where parents and children learn together. Parents are intricately involved in the workings of the program and assist the classroom teachers with daily operations.

How is this accomplished?

Tucson Community School is a cooperative and inclusive community where families are an integral part of their child’s early education.  Whether assisting teachers in the classroom, sharing their talents and interests with the children, or serving on the Board of Directors, our dedicated families develop meaningful connections that are central to the success of our preschool. 

What can I do for the school when my child is enrolled?

Your participation in our school is what makes us a community. The amount of time and effort you invest into TCS will be deeply satisfying as you watch the ripple effects of your contributions. The more you put in, the more you benefit from all our school has to offer.

Parent participation creates the safe and community environment that has made our program a success.  Each participation opportunity exists to enhance your child’s experience at TCS.


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