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Tucson Community School is a parent cooperative schools, this means each family ins an important member of the larger community. Every aspect of the school's essential functions depend on the participation of each of our community members.

As part of your membership in our program, each family is required to fulfill their cooperative obligations. Please consult the TCS handbook or with staff regarding questions about your participation. 

For the 2023-2024 School Year - Each family will be required to complete thirty (30) hours of volunteer work and must include each of the following:

  • One (1) Work Party: Join other families for one, four-hour Saturday to to assist in keeping the school premises and equipment in good condition. Our work parties are scheduled for 08/5/2023, 11/4/2023, 01/06/2024 and 04/06/2024 (Subject to change). 

  • Participation in One (1) Family Cooperative Committee: Committees are varied to allow families to choose the tasks that best fit their interest. These committees are essential for the smooth functionality of our school.

  • Participation in the Fall Festival & Annual Auction: Assist our nonprofit school with the creation and planning of our yearly fundraisers. Families can help by donating items, supporting accounting, setting up/cleaning up after events, marketing, and more.

  • Year End Classroom Clean Up: Assist your child’s teacher at the end of the school year with classroom and/or material maintenance or clean up. 

  • At least seven (7) Classroom Helper Days: In the classroom, as a participant, families have the opportunity to learn and grow with their children as they make lifelong friends; as well as contribute to a dynamic learning community that provides the very best early childhood experience to our children.

  • As part of our learning community, we want families and teachers to continue to grow their knowledge and expertise in child development. Parents must attend a minimum of ten (10) hours of Parent Training per year.

Download a copy of the Classroom Participation Training Packet to better understand how you will be supporting your child & their classroom community during your helper day. 


The Annual TCS Auction


The annual auction event is TCS’ largest fundraiser in which alumni and current families come together to bid on tremendous items. Each family is required to fulfill one (1) auction duty AND provide at least two (2) items to be auctioned. More information will be shared by our fundraising committee as we near our planning time. 


TCS Family Cooperative Committees

  • The Family Support Committee shall report to the Vice President of Programs and shall plan educational programs for school members, plan off-site community building events, schedule and find sponsors for muffin mornings, and maintain a positive school vibe.

  • The Library Committee shall report to the Business Manager and shall maintain the school's library and encourage use of the library by the families and community of TCS.

  • The Housekeeping Committee shall report to the Vice President of Membership and shall perform such duties necessary to maintain the cleanliness and order of the school.

  • The Buildings and Grounds and Gardening Committees shall report to the Vice President of Buildings and Grounds and shall ensure the responsible maintenance of all school buildings and grounds, as well as construction and repair of school equipment as appropriate.

  • The Publicity Committee shall report to the Vice President of Marketing; shall provide for communication with community media; and shall prepare appropriate publicity materials for school events.

  • The Fundraising Committee shall report to the Vice Presidents of Fundraising and shall advise as to appropriate fund-raising goals for each school year.  This committee shall review all fund-raising activities to make recommendations to the Board of Directors about future fund-raising activities.

  • The Class Representatives and Mentors shall report to the Vice President of Membership and shall keep members advised of meetings, activities and information as requested. 

Tacking Volunteer Hours

For the 2022-2023 school year, we are asking families to help TCS track their hours using the google form below. If you have any questions, please contact the front office. 


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