School Tasks

TCS families have elected to enroll their children in Tucson’s only parent cooperative school. We are privileged to work with families such as these; families desiring to share their energies and talents to keep Tucson Community School the stellar early childhood learning center it is.

Your participation in our school is what makes us a community. The amount of time and effort you invest into TCS will be deeply satisfying as you watch the ripple effects of your contributions. The more you put in, the more you benefit from all our school has to offer.

How many tasks do I sign up for?  

At least two (2) School Volunteer Tasks (per semester).  Tasks are varied (library, gardening, animal care, organizing materials, etc.) to allow parents to choose the task that best fits within their schedule.

When can I sign up for my tasks?

Families will be given the first two weeks of each semester to select their task for that same semester.  If a family has not selected a task within the first two weeks of each semester, the family will be assigned a task by the Board of Directors.

How do I sign up for my tasks?

Click Here to go to Signup Genius

Will any additional tasks be added?  Will any be taken away?

While most tasks are already listed, the list may be updated throughout the year.   As you read the various tasks, you will notice there are due dates.  Some of the tasks will no longer be available once the due date has passed.

I have a question about a particular task.  Who do I ask?

Contact the TCS office.  Also, each task has has a contact person listed at the bottom. Check your school directory to find that person’s contact information.

Do I have to register at the Signup Genius site in order to sign up for tasks?

No, you do not have to register with Signup Genius.  If you prefer to register, there is no charge to do so and it will allow you some increased functionality.  However, registering with Signup Genius is not required.  Signup Genius does not share your information.