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The Board of Directors 

Contributing Love, Time & Energy 

At Tucson Community School, we offer many meaningful ways for parents to be present in their child's school experience. Above all, is serving on the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is a comprised of 9 elected officers from the currently enrolled family community. In collaboration with the educational director, treasurer, and classroom representatives the BOD is responsible for supervising family participation in the cooperative model to ensure all families meet the mission and goals of the school.


The main objectives of the Board of Directors consist of:

  • Creating a village that helps to raise our kids and strengthen our community. Our board links families to each other and other resources needed to be the best parents, families, and educators we can be. 

  • Hosting fun, educational programs, and events for our families. They also create exciting ways to raise money to support the specific needs of our school.

  • Working with staff to offer and maintain our campus. Thus, ensuring our children the opportunity to have a magical learning experience that honors childhood and allows children to grow in a safe and nurturing environment.

  • Inspiring a love of reading by organizing our own TCS library as well as providing fun opportunities for children to engage in reading and literary activities.

  • Keeping the pulse on local, state, and national policies that affect our school and larger community, so we can advocate for best practice.

BOD Roles & Responsibilities 

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As a member of the Board of Directors, you will volunteer your time once a month for the BOD monthly meetings, as well as the time needed to meet with your committees, plan events and activities, and coordinate paperwork and logistics.




  • Facilitates Board of Director Meetings, Facilitates all Family Participation

Vice President of Programs

  • Oversees Family Support Committee, Plans Parent Education Courses

Vice President of Membership

  • Oversees Housekeeping Committee, Board of Directions Elections

Vice President(s) of Building & Grounds (2 Positions)

  • Oversees Buildings, Grounds and Gardening Committee, Manages Work Parties and Animal Care

Vice President of Marketing

  • Oversees Publicity Committee, Plans and Publicizes School Events, Runs Social Media

Vice President(s) of Fundraising (2 Positions)

  • Oversees Fundraising Committee, Plans All School Philanthropic Events

Recording Secretary

  • Records Board of Directors Meetings, Newsletter

The 2022-2023 Board of Directors

President : Megan Hollowed

Vice President(s) of Buildings & Grounds: Amber Hall & Austin Hines

Vice President of Fundraising: Kari Warner & Sheryl Melbin

Vice President of Marketing: Elise Smith

Vice President of Membership: Jordan Schnaps

Vice President of Programs: Elise Christmon

Recording Secretary: Ron West 

Classroom Representatives: TBD

Board of Trustees 

The Board of Trustees consists of 9 officers serving staggered three-year terms. the BOT holds the title to the corporate property, both real and personal, and assists in carrying out the objectives of the school through fundraising, long range financial planning, and serves as advisors to the current Board of Directors. the BOT primarily consists of alumni or former parents of Tucson Community School. 

If you are interested in serving on the Board of Trustees please contact Reena Mahoney at

Current Board of Trustees 

  • President : Reena Mahoney 

  • Recording Secretary: Renee Kirkpatrick 

  • BOT Members: Will Pew,  Katie Mihina, Tricia Sierra, Dana Narter, and Nanette Murray.

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